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What are the SMT peripherals
Visit:552 Date:2021-08-12
The SMT peripheral equipment we usually refer to mainly refers to some equipment such as printing presses, docking stations, placement machines, reflow soldering, AOI, wave soldering and so on.

SMT peripheral equipment technology is similar to the original Hyper-Threading technology. Users who have experienced the Pentium IV processor era must remember that there were several Pentium IV processors equipped with a technology called Hyper-Threading. Today's SMT peripheral equipment technology is similar to the original hyper-threading technology.

Wave soldering SMT peripheral equipment technology can use special hardware instructions to simulate each logic core in the processor core into two cores to create more processor resources that can be used at the same time. After all, the more cores, the more software that can be run at the same time, and the more powerful the performance. For example, a Nehalem micro-architecture processor with four physical cores can be automatically recognized as an eight-core processor by the system after turning on the SMT peripheral technology.

Although the use of SMT peripheral technology can turn a quad-core processor into an eight-core processor, it is not like a processor with eight real cores. Each core has independent resources. Once a certain core is monopolized by a piece of software, the addition of additional software will definitely affect each other. Essentially, SMT peripherals are only a software-level technology to make full use of the idle execution units of the processor, but it cannot double the executable resources of the processor.

Therefore, we believe that the new generation of SMT peripheral equipment is developing in the direction of high speed, high precision and multi-function. There is also a question of how to ensure the high-precision and high-quality placement of SMT peripheral equipment. In order to ensure the high precision of the Shenzhen placement machine, measures must be taken to reduce the vibration and jitter of the placement machine, reduce the weight of the fuselage, and increase the rigidity of the equipment structure. In order to ensure high-quality patches, the induction recognition technology of the best parts of the components should be used to achieve no damage to the patch; the height distance of the suction nozzle, that is, the distance between the suction nozzle and the mounted circuit board, should be strictly controlled. The X and Y axis error of the nozzle position.

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